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Course Content

Hypnobirthing Courses are currently offered in Bradford on Avon, Bath, Bristol, & Frome and will shortly be offered in Cardiff, London, Cambridge, Ipswich & Norwich.

Most classes are run over one full weekday (did you you know you can get paid time off work for classes? see here). They start at 9am and finish at 5pm.  I provide tea, coffee, herbal tea, biscuits and fruit and you are welcome/encouraged to bring snacks/lunch with you.  We have a cuppa to start with and you are offered a short lunch break 30 -45 mins around 12.30pm.

I run a very relaxed course, I want you to be as comfortable as possible and ask that you bring cushions/yoga mats/blankets if you can. I provide some but you may want to bring your own for the relaxation/hypnobirthing sessions.


You receive full course notes and scripts of all the hypnobirthing sessions and a memory stick with the recordings on. This all comes in a handy information pack. I will email you the Powerpoint (saving tree's) for you to read through as often as you like after the session and your pack will contain lots more helpful info and tips too.


Course/notes elements covered, but not limited to :

  • Role of the birth partner, what hypnobirthing is/isn't, fears and expectations of birth ( group discussion)

  • How fear negatively impacts a calm and confident labour. We discuss anxiety and how it affects labour.

  • Breathing and relaxation techniques (the benefits and practice) we will practice various breathing techniques and 5 hypnobirthing sessions throughout the day.

  • Learn wonderful visualisation techniques and how it can help you during pregnancy and labour

  • Bonding with baby and your body (mums, pregnancy and during labour)

  • Learn how to focus within yourself, working with your body not against it.

  • Taking away any myths about hypnosis and what it is/isn't

  • Research/stats on hypnobirthing

  • The mind/body connection, how powerful it is, using our thoughts to help us rather than hinder us.

  • Helpful vs unhelpful thinking - our thoughts create our reality. Make sure they are helpful ones!

  • Ideal mental state for labour ( calm, confidence and control)

  • How to manage any unhelpful thinking (fearful thinking can lead to a fearful birth)

  • Stages of labour

  • Bonding/staking your claim on the birthing process.

  • Building a deeper confidence if yourselves as parents to be and specifically during this time before labour (good communication is key)

  • Labour pains/discomfort (much of the discomfort in labour is an unnatural process of fear)

  • Drugs in labour - how these techniques help avoid them

  • Guilt free choices

  • Flexible thinking

  • Anchoring:  how you can use past positive memories to help you feel calm, confident & in control

  • Visualise success! Visualise how you do want birth to be not how you don't want it to be.

  • Positions for labour

  • How to psychologically adjust if things don't go according to plan

  • Postnatal benefits of hypnosis

  • Parenthood and beyond

  • What to pack if you are going to hospital/birthing centre ( ie music/snacks, things that make you feel good!)

And so much more!!


This is a brief overview, most elements are discussed in detail and you get to experience 4-5 hypnobirthing relaxation sessions too.



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